Friday, September 12, 2014

Sneak A Peek at Sunday's Coupons! (And Tips On Getting Your Sunday Paper!)

Take a sneak peak of this Sunday's newspaper's inserts so you can decide how many copies of the newspaper to get!

Click here for the full preview

Tips about getting your newspaper:
  • If you buy your paper at the store, make sure to check that your copy has the inserts BEFORE checking out.  
    • The Chicago Tribune has stopped packaging ads & inserts in an effort to save money so some not-so-ethical people have been stealing inserts from the paper and leave it on the newsstand.
  • You can get the newspaper for $1 at many Dollar Tree locations...that's where we usually get our extra copies when the coupons are really good.  Many stores are now imposing limits but still sell out super fast.  Not all locations carry the paper so make sure you call ahead to see if you local Dollar Tree has the paper if you're planning a special trip. (CLICK HERE for more info)
    • The Chicago Tribune has recently raised its price to $2.99.  My local Dollar Tree still sells the paper for $1, but there is no telling when/if this will change.
  • Some Menards locations sell just the inserts for $1...good way to make sure no paper is wasted :) Make sure you call ahead to see if you local Menard's has this deal if you're planning a special trip.
  •  You can use your Register Rewards at Walgreens or ECB's at CVS to get the paper for FREE :)
  • Several people have asked me which paper I get and where I get it.  We ALWAYS get the Chicago Tribune.  We have 2 that are delivered to our home each Sunday and we pick up extras at the Dollar Tree if the coupons are really good.  
  • The Sun Times has coupons in it too, but the Chicago Tribune's coupons are better.  Sometimes inserts arrive in the Friday edition of the Sun Times.  Every once in a blue moon, the Times has coupons that are no available in the Tribune.
Recycle your newspaper when you're done with it.  You can also recycle any coupons you don't want to use or have expired.  There are also several organizations throughout the country that accept expired coupons for troops & their families overseas!

There are a few areas in my neighborhood (Lansing, IL) that collect expired coupons.  You have to drop them off in person.  If you live near my neck of the woods...
"Drop off  boxes are located that the Village Municipal Center, Library, Eisenhower Center, The Insurance Place, and The Fashionette.  It is helpful if donated coupons are sorted by grocery and non-grocery.  Only manufacturer coupons can be used, not store coupons.  They are also in need of monetary donations to send boxes.  A box costs $13.20 to mail and holds about 16 pounds of coupons.  Volunteers are also needed to help clip and sort coupons.  To help, call 708-323-5232."
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