Sunday, June 9, 2013

FREEBIE Alert: Nursing Pillow (Just Pay S&H) - We LOVE Ours! Pics Included :)

Nursing Pillow
WOOHOO!  You can get FREE Nursing Pillow for just the cost of S&H!  That is a SWEET deal :)

They normally charge $39.95 plus S&H for these covers, but simply enter promo code "MYSAVINGS" during checkout and they'll take $40 off your order :)  

I LOVE our nursing husband and I have used it EVERY day for all of our son's feedings since he came from the hospital.  We also used it for tummy time every day starting at 2 months old and made it SOOOOOO much more tolerable.  My son would howl and scream during tummy time, but didn't mind it when we used the nursing pillow to prop him up.  Sometimes he'd even five minutes without noticing he was on his


By the time he was three months old, my son was rolling over both ways and sitting up with support.  We would use the nursing pillow to help him practice sitting and it replaced the need to create a ring of pillows around him :P  I also liked using as a ring of support in front of him while he was sitting on a chair or sofa to prevent him from tipping forward.  He loved sitting like a big boy :)

My son starting CRAWLING at five months and STANDING at six months! Can you believe it?  His pediatrician says he's developing so well because his neck muscles have always been pretty strong thanks to plenty of tummy time.  I credit our nursing pillow :P

Now that he's mobile, I use the nursing pillow to hug the sharp corners of tables and dressers.  Works like a charm.  I can't say enough good things about these and highly recommend getting one.  I always love giving them at baby showers :)

You can order more than one nursing pillow if you like...simply place one order at a time using THIS LINK.  You might have to use different browsers or clear your cookies for your second order.

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