Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Little SSS Update

Hi everyone :)  Sorry for disappearing for a couple days.  We bought our very first home and moved in a few days ago!  It's a very happy and exciting time...and a super busy one too!  The hubby couldn't get time off work so it's pretty much up to me to unpack a whole house.  And of course take care of my little guy who is SUPER excited about the new place (but also teething pretty bad).  And then there's always my regular

Anyway, we just got the internet set up this morning so I'm planning on working on a little SSS.  My goal is to get to as many of the Chicagoland stores as I can by tonight.  And I hope to write a little post about my whole experience and some professionals I'd recommend soon :P  More on all that later though...just put my son down for a nap and he's already waking up...10 minutes
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