Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sweet Deal On Walgreens Brand Diapers And Wipes (Web Pick Up) - Stock Up Time!!

As many of you know, my husband and I had our first baby in October so diaper deals always catch my eye :)  I stocked up on Walgreens brand diapers several months back at the recommendation of many moms I know...and we've been using them exclusively for months.  We absolutely LOVE them!  Haven't had a single leak!  So, I'm taking this week's Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale as an opportunity to stock up a little more.

I just scored an AWESOME deal...only $0.09 per diaper and got a couple free packs of wipes as well :D  I used their web pick-up service to get the most savings.

Basically, you place your order online and pick it up in an hour or so at a nearby location of your choosing.  You CAN use manufacturer coupons (including Register Rewards) when you pick up your order AND they have a new promo code out that will give you an extra $5 in savings when you make your first web pick up order of $20 or more.  Please note that this service is not available in all areas yet, but I know it's pretty widespread in the Chicagoland and NWI area (as well as other select parts of the country).

Follow these directions for your deal:
  • Click here to go to the web pick up page and enter your zip code to select your store location
  • Then, click here to get to the buy 1 get 1 FREE sale for Walgreens brand diapers and wipes. 
  • Add FOUR packs of diapers to your cart.  Make sure that you only select the diapers that show up as 2/$8.99 to your cart.  And you need to add them in multiples of 2.  
    • I choose to order two packs of size 1 and two packs of size 2, but you can order four packs of the same size if you like.  
    • If you can't find the size you need, try changing your store location to another nearby store to see what they have in stock :)
  • Add TWO packs of Walgreens brand wipes to your cart.  The tubs are 2/$2.49 or the refills are a little cheaper at 2/$2.29.
  • Go to checkout and enter promo code "WEBFIVE" to take $5 off your purchase.  This will only work if you haven't used web pickup before.  I've used it in the past so I created a new account for the hubby ;)
  • Continue with your checkout and they'll tell you when your order will be ready...usually an hour or two.  They won't charge your credit card until you pick up your order.  
  • If you have any coupons (or Register Rewards), you can redeem them to save even more when you pick up your order at the photo counter :)  I've done this quite a few times in the past and never had an issue.

I'm very proud of our little deal.  I ordered FOUR packs of size 3 diapers (36 count) and TWO wipes refills for $15.27.  That's less than $0.11 per diaper and getting the wipes for FREE :D  Hubby has a few Register Rewards in his wallet so our total will be even less when he picks the order up on his way home from work!  

PLUS, you'll get 3,000 points added to your Walgreens Rewards Card if you have one.  That's good for $3 off a future purchase.  SWEET!!

**If your area doesn't offer web pick up, the Walgreens Brand Diapers and Wipes are still buy 1 get 1 FREE in the just can't save the extra $5 :/  Also, there are no coupons for Walgreens diapers that I'm aware of so this is a perfect opportunity to use up any Register Rewards!  Sale ends Saturday 6/15/13.

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