Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enter For Your Chance To Win $250 From Credit Sesame!

Woohoo!  One of my favorite websites in the whole wide world is having a sweepstakes :)  Head over to Credit Sesame and enter to win $250 when you sign up to get a FREE credit score.  No credit card is ever required for sign up...there are NO trial bait and switch promos.

I've used Credit Sesame for about TWO YEARS now and I am happy to vouch for them :)  My story...

A few years ago, my husband and I made it our goal to improve our credit score when we were rejected to rent a house because of our credit scores.  Fresh out of college, I had never checked my score...although I had credit card and student loan debt.  My husband had never checked his score either and found out it was incredibly low (through the rental application) because of erroneous information on his report.

Since then, I've joined quite a few credit monitoring/credit score websites, but I never stayed with them very long.  I've come across quite a few sites that claim to offer 100% free credit scores, but so many seem to pull the bait and switch trick and start charging monthly fees that it can be a little hard to find the valid offers.

That's why I was super happy to stumble across CreditSesame last year, and it's been one of my favorite sites ever since.  Their site is always free and secure to use. There are no credit cards required, no trial periods and no gotchas once you sign up.  You can track your Experian credit score every month and they'll give you a complete savings analysis of your debt.

Credit Sesame sends you updates on your credit score (going up or down) and they explain how different factors impact your score (so you know what areas to improve and which to maintain) along with great advice.  Here's a snapshot from my account so you can see what I mean...

I think it's super important to be aware of what's going on in your credit report.  Not only can you catch mistakes and possible identity theft, but it can help keep you on track (or even improve) your financial situation.   Since my hubby and I started monitoring our reports a few years back, a lot has changed.  He was able to correct the inaccuracies on his report that were lowering his score.  I was able to correct some info as well and saw areas I needed to improve.  It also serves as a big motivation to pay off and pay down old debt to watch our credit scores go up :)

To be honest, my credit score has gone up well over over 200 points since I started checking my report and working hard to pay off old debts. I am super proud of my credit score much so that I don't mind sharing it with you :P

This wasn't always the case though.  In the beginning (when my score was hovering at just over 500), there wasn't much we could do to improve our numbers except check for inaccuracies when I was out of work and my husband's hours were getting cut.  Once our situation started improving, we made it a goal to do our best to apply extra income to debt.

Of course, there are times when I'd rather take a vacation or spend the money on new clothes, but I'm hopeful it'll pay off in the end.  Using coupons has helped us save a lot and we just put those savings towards debt as well.  We are almost in the clear (aside from those pesky student loans), and it feels good, even though it's been a long process.

CreditSesame has helped me to stay on track and I definitely recommend signing up with them if you're looking to monitor or improve your debt/credit situation too :)  No credit card required.

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