Friday, August 12, 2011

The Dollar Tree: Sunday Newspaper & Manufacturer Coupons

I posted this article a few months back, but it all still applies now.   Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about the Dollar Tree so I thought it'd be a good idea to bring up the topic again! 

The Dollar Tree has been one of my favorite stores for years :)  It's been one of my favorite places to shop before and after I developed my passion for couponing.  It's the only store that drives my husband crazy because I can spend hours just walking up and down the

Anyway, whenever the coupons are really good, we usually pick up a few extra copies of the Chicago Tribune at the Dollar Tree.   However, there are some locations that do NOT carry the paper at all.  According to the Dollar Tree:
"We do try to carry Sunday papers in all stores that we can afford to do so. In some cases we simply can not afford to carry the paper. So yes, does vary by store."  
Basically, if you're planning a special trip to pick up a copy or two of the paper, just call your local store to find out if they usually carry it.  I've also noticed that they're usually out by Sunday morning since my local Dollar Tree carries the early Sunday edition of the paper on Saturdays so plan accordingly.  Lately, they've been imposing a limit (it seems to be 3 to 5 depending on the location) at several stores, but they still sell out fast.

Also, some Dollar Tree locations are currently accepting manufacturer coupons on a test market basis.  I know there are at least a few stores within the city of Chicago that do so thanks to Sister Save-A-Lot (southside of Chicago) and my sister in law, Maribel (who lives in the westside of Chicago).   I haven't been able to find any locations in the Chicago suburbs who accept them though.  I've also heard there are places in Texas, and I'm sure there are a few other areas.  

I asked the Dollar Tree if there is any established coupon policy yet.  Here's the answer:
"You are correct, we are just beginning to test coupons in very small ways and right now are not at a point to talk about firm policies regarding couponing. Stay tuned with us here on Facebook and we'll let our fans know when things change." (Click here to follow them on Facebook)
That'd be awesome if the Dollar Tree starts accepting coupons everywhere.  It would make their already awesome deals even better!  Plus, my husband wouldn't mind me spending hours wandering up and down the aisles...I hope :P


CaseyMarie said...


I found your blog via the Dollar Tree FB page. Loved your question about mc & news papers. I truly hope my local store begins to carry papers & accept mc as part of this trial... would be SO GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

One of the Dollar Tree stores in Springfield, IL carries the Sunday Chicago Tribune. And yes, it used to include the inserts. Unfortunately in the last few months someone (from the store?) has consistently been removing all inserts, so of course people stopped buying the paper. Judging from Dollar Tree policy in other cities I have to conclude that someone has been stealing the inserts in Springfield which is terrible, only I don't know to whom I should file a complaint.

Anonymous said...

If dollartree starts were i live in oak lawn then that will be a home-run .... im gone start asking on every dollar tree i have around me ..ill let u know ...eventhough is still first base i feel excited:)

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