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Shopping at Walgreens 101

Your Weekly Walgreens Ad
You don't need any kind of card to shop at Walgreens and get their great deals :)  They do, however, have a lot of sales that you have to use in-ad coupons in order to get the sale price.   

Usually, there is a limit to how many items  you can purchase with an in-ad coupon.  If I need to stock up on an item with a limit, I'll go back the next day and just use another coupon from a new ad!  Typically, in-ad coupons advertise a price (instead of a certain amount of money off).  For instance, "Get Gain Dishwashing Liquid for $0.99" limit 4.  You can use that one coupon to get 4 bottles of Gain at the $0.99 price.

Since these in-ad coupons are considered store coupons, they CAN be combined with manufacturer coupons. Make sure to hand over the manufacturer coupons FIRST and THEN the in-ad coupons to avoid the register beeping. It shouldn't be a problem either way, but cashiers occassionally panic/get confused when the register beeps and won't want to accept the coupon.

So, in keeping with the example above, if you had 4 coupons for $1 off Gain dishwashing liquid, hand over those 4 coupons and then hand over the in-ad coupon and you'd get 4 bottles of Gain dish soap for FREE!

Walgreens IVC Coupon Booklet
The IVC is a monthly coupon booklet that Walgreens releases each month that can be found near the front of the store. The coupons are usually valid for about a month, but pay attention to start/expiration dates!  These coupons usually have a limit.

** Remember, these Walgreens coupons can be combined with a manufacturer coupon to maximize your savings!

Register Rewards
Register Rewards (aka RR's) print out as coupons after your receipt when you purchase a certain item. Sometimes you need to purchase a certain number to get the RR's and there usually is a limit. You can then use your RR's in your next purchase. The RR's deals can be found in Walgreens weekly ad.

You CAN use manufacturer's coupons in order to get a RR deal. 
Also, if you need to spend a certain amount of money to get the RR deal, the amount required is the pre-manufacturer coupon total. 
Let's say there is a promo to get $10 in RR's when you spend $20 on Schick products and Schick razors are $7 each. You have 3 coupons for $3 off any Schick razor. You'd only need to buy 3 razors to reach the $20 qualifying amount to get the RR's. At the checkout, you'd use those 3 coupons to get $9 off your total so you'd only have to pay $12 out of pocket. You'd still get back $10 in RR's!
If your RR's do not print, it is either because you purchased the wrong items (could be as simple as the wrong sizes), you didn't buy enough items, or there is something wrong with the machine.  A couple months ago, my RR's didn't print and it turned out it was because the machine was offline.  I simply brought it to the attention of my cashier and he was able to issue me a gift card in the amount of what my RR's would have been.

You CAN use RR's to buy another item that will earn you RR's as long as it's not the same deal. For instance, if you get $10 in RR's from buying $20 worth of Schick products, you can THEN use those $10 in RR's to buy 2 bottles of Tylenol where you'll earn $5 in RR's.  However, you wouldn't be able to use $10 Schick RR's to get more Schick RR's.  It's a little confusing but easy to follow once you get the hang of it.

RR's are considered manufacturer's coupons so you can be limited on how many RR's you can use in your transaction. Basically, if you check out with 10 items, you can only have 10 coupons (the manufactuer coupons that you clip from inserts, print from home, etc AND any RR's you want to use. In-ad coupons and coupons from the Walgreens IVC coupon booklet do NOT count towards the total.  Sometimes it's helpful to add a couple cheap items (aka "fillers") to your transaction if you want to use more RR's.

You can't use more RR's than your total is worth.  If your total is $6, you wouldn't be able to use $7 in RR' wouldn't want to anyway since you'd lose that extra $1 :P  Just add a couple cheap fillers :)

There are a few items that you can NOT buy with Register Rewards.  RR's cannot be used toward the purchase of gift cards and pre-paid cards.  Prescriptions, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, lottery tickets, money orders/transfers, transportation passes, special event/entertainment tickets or passes, postage stamps, Prescription Savings Club memberships, and health care services, including immunizations are all off limits.

Click here to see the official Walgreens coupon policy

Jewel & RR's
One thing I LOVE about Walgreens RR's is I found out Jewel accepts them. Be sure to double check with your local Jewel's policy, but I know several Jewel stores in NWI and the south suburbs accepts RR's because I've used them there!  They accept them because they are considered manufacturer's coupons.  Sometimes the Jewel cashier is not aware of the coupon policy, but when they check with Customer Service, they learn that Jewel accepts RR's.  I like using them at Jewel because I can use them on fruit, veggies, and other items there normally are no coupons for!
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